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Are You still using a Sawing machine to remove the base plate from a 3d metal printed part?

Disadvantages of a sawing machine to remove the base plate.

  • Dangerous machine for getting wounded at your hands.
  • Big sawing force can deform the part
  • Loss of at least 2 mm of material
  • Big "left overs" on the base plate
  • Low precision of cutting
  • No contouring, only straight cut possible!
  • No  3d cut possible.
  • High risk of breaking of fragile parts
  • Need special and expensive saw blades for hard materials and special alloys

Und sieht das nach Ihrem Ergebnis aus?

Zum Glück gibt es keine Finger geschnitten! Das Ergebnis ist nicht gut: KEINE Präzision!

Are your parts too fragile and collapses under the cutting force from your special sawing machine?

NOT with our solution.

Hours of printing, loads of expensive material, days of programming and then your sawing machine destroy it all with the cutting force applied.

We deliver a solution with a minimal loss of 0.2mm and perfect programmable by 0.01 mm precision. 




How much time cost one millimeter 3d metal printed?

Saving time by reducing the cutting-off width and the positioning precision of cutting

Additive manufacturing of 3d metal parts evolves, but everybody put themselves the question: How fast is a 3d metal printer printing?

Based on the parts printed by the very latest RenAM 500Q - 4 laser additive manufacturing system by Renishaw exposed at the Latest formnext, it is very simple to calculate the cost or time of every milimeter printed.

On Formnext Renishaw exposed the difference in speed and output of one laserbeam printing, two laser beam printing and Four laser beam printing, which they are able to do with their new machine. 

Total building time for the 3 parts is identical 19 hours, but the result is dramatical different:

1 laser Beam : 584 layers of 60µm in 19 hours = 35,04 mm total build height
2 laser Beam : 1019 layers of 60µm in 19 hours = 61,14 mm total build height
4 laser Beam : 2022 layers of 60µm in 19 hours = 133,33 mm total build height

AVERAGE Building time for 1 layer

1 laser Beam : 1 layer of 60µm in 117 SEC (1,96 min)
2 laser Beam : 1 layer of 60µm in 67 SEC (1,12 min)
4 laser Beam : 1 layer of 60µm in 31 SEC (0,52 min)


AVERAGE Building time for 1 mm of 3d printed material

1 laser Beam : 1 mm of 60µm layers in 1.950 SEC (32,51 min)

2 laser Beam : 1 mm of 60µm layers in 1.117 SEC (18,62 min)

4 laser Beam : 1 mm of 60µm layers in 517 SEC (8,62 min)

Pictures are taken from exhibition Formnext and used only as base for calculation.

Customer Sample : 3x times saving

By reducing the cutting width from 3,2 mm to 0,3 mm the savings are huge.

How much time must your printer work for this 3,2 mm extra printing used for cutting off?

Check how you save big with our NovicutM-AM3D compared to a sawing machine!

Customer Sample:

By reducing the cutting width from 3,2 mm to 0,3 mm you save huge :

Based on given information and calculation up we can calculate :

AVERAGE Building time for 1 layer

1 laser Beam machine : 1 layer of 60µm in 117 SEC (1,96 min)
2 laser Beam machine: 1 layer of 60µm in 67 SEC (1,12 min)
4 laser Beam machine: 1 layer of 60µm in 31 SEC (0,52 min)


 TIME REDUCTION by NOT printing the 2,9 mm (3,2 - 0,3mm) :


1 laser Beam : 2,9 mm of 60µm layers in 5.655 SEC (94,25 min)

2 laser Beam : 2,9 mm of 60µm layers in 3.239 SEC (53,99 min)

4 laser Beam : 2,9 mm of 60µm layers in 1.499 SEC (24,99 min)


This creates extra available time for your expensive 3D metal printing machine and you generate like this more output for your 3D metal printing machine.

Beside that, your parts are also much faster made.

And you do not consume this metal powder too.

It's a TRIPLE saving!




How much can you save?

Our novicut M -AM3D offers the fastest and higest ROI

Your machine pays back itself with the highest Return on Investment on the machine market

By cutting away only 0.2 mm our high speed wire cutting machine increases your 3D Metal printing capacity and output drastically compared to ANY sawing machine.

Compare sawing, wire cutting and moly wire cutting for removal of AM parts

Solutions available to remove your parts from the baseplate

400 x 400 mm baseplate sample Manual bandsaw Automatic bandsaw Special AM bandsaw Wire cutting machine novicut-M AM-3D
investment 8-15.000€ 24 - 40.000,€ 80 - 120.000,€ 90 - 150.000,€ 35 - 50.000, €
operator needed for all time setup - collect setup setup-collect setup - collect
Thickness of cut : material losses 1- 2 mm 1,4 - 2,8 mm 0,9 -1,2 mm 0,3mm 0,18mm
Cutting time Short Short Short very long Average - short
Cutting forces on part big Big Big None None
Precision of positioning 0,5mm 0,5mm 0,3mm 0,01mm 0,01mm
Angle deformation compensation no no no yes yes
multiple plates loaded in machine possible (unmanned long run at night) no no no yes yes
Dustfree - healty no no yes yes yes

Which base plate or build platform fit on our machines?

Most important 3D metal printing machine makers from which our machine can seperate the parts from the base plate

Basicly all the platforms/buildplates of following brands can be separated from the parts in our different novicut-M models. 

We mention here NOT all makers but most known! For other brands please ask us!

  • AddUp (Michelin and Fives)
  • Additive Industries
  • Admatec
  • Arcam (GE additive)
  • Aurora Labs
  • BeAM 
  • Concept Laser (GE Additive)
  • Desktop Metal
  • Digital Metal
  • EOS
  • HP Metal Jet
  • Markforged Metal X
  • Stratasys
  • 3D Systems
  • Renishaw
  • SLM Solutions
  • Sisma
  • Trumpf
  • DMG Mori
  • Optomec
  • Sciaky 
  • InssTek
  • ExOne
  • Digital Metal
  • Vader Systems
  • Pollen AM
  • Cytosurge
  • Matsuura
  • 3DEO
  • Airwolf 3D
  • Xact Metal
  • ...

Unsere 3D-Metalldruck-Schneidemaschine kann folgende Materialien verarbeiten :

Wir schneiden jede Grundplatte von Teilen aus folgenden Materialien ab:

  • WERKZEUGSTAHL (MS1 - 1.2709)

  • EDELSTAHL (PH1 - 1.4540)

  • EDELSTAHL (1.4542)

  • EDELSTAHL (1.4404) - 316L


  • Maraging STEEL MS1 1.2709




  • Aluminium AIF357


  • ALUMINIUM (3.2371 | AlSi7Mg)

  • INCONEL (IN625)

  • INCONEL (IN718)

  • Hastelloy X® (2.4665)




  • Nickelbasis (NI718)

  • NickelAlloy IN718 / 2.4668

  • NickelAlloy HX / UNS 06002




  • TIANIUM GR. 1 (3,7025)

  • TITAN GR. 5 (TI6AL4V - 3.7164)

  • TITAN GR. 23 (TI6AL4V - 3.7165 ELI)

  • ZINK (ZAMAK 5)

  • ZAMAK (Z430)


  • KUPFER-ALUMINIUM (2.0921 | CuAl8)