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EDM Filter

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How to Choose The Right EDM Filters?

After a period of working, the EDM filters normally will be blocked. At this time, a serious problem that is placed before the machine owners: how to choose a good replacement filter for their valuable machines.  Most of EDM filter users or merchants are mainly considering filter’s unit price. But a filter is good or not, not only depends on the unit price, but also the following aspects.


EDM filters are used to filter the water. So the precision of filtration paper is the key point to the quality. Good filters have special technology of folding paper to manufacturing EDM filters, and setting pore size in the high precision range 3-5 µm to ensure filter effectively removes particulate from coolant or water and to provide clean surface machining.

On the other hand, glue is another keyword of a good EDM filter. When filters are working, the outside or the inside pressure is very high, if the glue is not good, “broken filter” comes out.

Service Life

A good EDM filter can be used more than 400 hours. This is fully dependent on the filter’s material.

Unit Price

Price is an eternal topic in business. A good filter could have a competitive price, but a low price filter may not have a good quality.

Machine Type

Compared to filters which are used on suspended type machines, the service life of filters those are used on immersion type machines is short.

Design Requirement

The weight of used filters should exceed the standard storage weight and filter itself weight sum.

Points for Attention in Use

Filters’ service life will be short when it’s used for nonferrous metals like aluminum etc. The reason is that the metal is to be hydroxide and the filter will be blocked faster than normal. In addition, the filter service life tends to be short when it’s used on tungsten carbides, titanium alloys and special metals.

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