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have already chosen for NOVICK and Request Much More Than "Good Enough"

We partner with our customers to deliver the most innovative solutions for their production needs.

Novick's clients include some of the best-known companies with global presence and recognized brand names, as well as some of the most rapidly growing companies that are just finding new opportunities in international markets. We’re honored to work with these top brands to not only drive revenue and profit improvements, but also enhance the customer experience.

Staying close to our customers is second nature to us. We pride ourselves on understanding that businesses come in all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to small and medium sized businesses, and leading international companies. Novick customers are disrupting the status quo, changing the game and innovating their way to the top of their industries. Whether they are established enterprises or cutting edge startups, they trust Novick as an important partner to deliver at a pace that won’t slow them down. 

Our references that convince!!

Continental Automotive uses our Noviform in their moulding shop

Continental® AG is among the most important suppliers for the auto industry in the world in the field of braking systems, propulsion and chasses systems, dashboard panels, infotainment solutions, electronic systems for cars, tires and technical products made of elastomers.

Continental Automotive SRL, as part of Continental® AG GROUP is one of the most important suppliers of electronic equipment for the auto industry, covering the fields of safety braking systems, dashboard displays and chassis components (electronic parking assistance).

At Brasov Continental Automotive has a plant for the manufacturing of electro-mechanic parts, namely fuel delivery pumps, which will be installed on the most renowned auto brands in Europe. Among the customers of the Brasov plant are important players on the car market, such as: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen Group, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Renault and Ford. Continental is one of the top specialists in the world in fuel delivery and supplies these products to all car factories in the entire Europe, straight from Brasov.

The new plant was built to considerably increase long term competitiveness in Europe. One of the main reasons for this is its constant orientation towards quality. Continental’s initiative “Quality first” is also enforced here. Thus, all the production processes are complying with the Continental philosophy - “zero mistakes”. 

A major activity is that of research-development in the field of auto industry, with the strategic objective of reducing car pollution, increasing safety in car use, decreasing fuel consumption and increasing the interactivity between vehicles and the environment. 

Continental® is a company that is ready for the future. With the divisions ContiTech, Anvelope and Automotive, is has a unique portfolio, which ensures a stable and continuous development against the market fluctuations. Moreover, the integration of the automotive division Siemens VDO has launched Continental in a new league, transforming the venture in a supplier for the auto industry able to provide integrated systems and solutions for the mega-trends of the future: safety, ecologic orientation and interconnected information.

The undisputed qualities of Novick products are more and more noticed among the great industrial companies. The attention to detail, the incorporated state of the art technology, the high reliability parts are only a few aspects that bring these machines to the attention of all those who place quality first.

The by Continental selected die-sinking EDM machine to be integrated in their technology center is a Noviform model, that incorporates the latest technology worldwide in the field of die-sinking EDM. 

This machine was selected as the optimum solution for the production activity due to its high precision and speed, as well as for its proven reliability over time.

“As one of the world’s 20 largest suppliers and a development partner to the automotive industry, MAHLE offers innovative mobility solutions that stand for clean air, fuel efficiency, and driving pleasure.

We are proud that Mahle©, one of the world`s biggest developer and manufacturer of automotive parts, are now part of our client portofolio. With our products we offer quality EDM machines with best budget ratio.

                The group supports manufacturers as early as in the development of new vehicle generations, not to mention the continuous improvement of series production applications. Proof of our technological leadership is not least to be seen in our successes in motorsport—be it in Formula 1 or in Le Mans. Moreover, our innovative products are used in stationary applications, mobile machinery, as well as in railroad, marine, and aerospace applications. And of course, we also supply workshops and engine repair workshops with MAHLE products in original equipment quality.”

For maintenance and repair jobs in their mold maintenance shop, Mahle is now also using our Noviform 600 machine with C-axis.

Novick`s solution for our client is a versatile EDM machine ready to take any challenging cutting jobs. The Noviform 600 , from the Universal series, offers a quick and quality job interventions for your daily needs, for example mold repairs.

• Z-axis stroke : 350 mm

• Fuzzy logic Generator

• Max. electrode chuck weight direct on RAM: 100 Kg

• Simultaneous 4 axes control (optional embedded C-axis)

Magnetto Wheels (MW) is the steel wheel market leader in the world for all vehicle types.

CLN dates to 1948, when Mario Magnetto set up his very first steelworks and in just a matter of decades turned it into an international enterprise. Today the Group is a leading integrated company active in the production of automotive metal components with the following divisions: MA – the vehicle bodies division - is one of the leading global suppliers of metal parts providing external and structural stamped and/or roll-formed parts as well as welded assemblies for any type of cars and commercial vehicles for the automotive industry. It is present in Europe, Turkey, South Africa, and Latin America. MW – the steel wheel division – (Magnetto Wheels) is a steel wheel market leader for all vehicle types (passenger cars and light commercial vehicles), providing customers with comprehensive solutions for engineered wheels. It has plants in Europe, Russia, and South Africa, as well as joint ventures in Turkey and Mexico. Furthermore, it is a wide scale Service Centre for the industrial business with SSC facilities. In Italy it is one of leading distributors of carbon steel flat products with ArcelorMittal CLN. The Company is present in 9 countries with 34 industrial facilities (including only subsidiaries) and employs around 7,500 people. In 2017, it registered a consolidated turnover of 1.6 billion Euros.

Specialties of MW - CLN group

Stamping, rollforming and assembly of metal structural parts, components, modules and subassemblies for automotive, powertrain metal components and specialties, Steel Service Centres, automotive, wheels aftermarket, and steel wheels for cars and commercial vehicles

Novick in MW - CLN group

MW division invested recently in our NOVIFORM SMART 350S. On a special application in Numbering the wheels, before investing in our machine, the team spend several days on finishing a specific numbering task. After our Smart 350S was introduced to their production facility, they cleared the job in some hours.



MEI TA Group, specialized in the turbochargers market, is producing turbine housings, center housings and integrated manifolds which are used on turbochargers.  All of the castings and machine processing are made in their own factories. Their products are successfully used by Mercedes Benz, Audi, Ford, GM, VW, Toyota, BMW, Renault, PSA, VOLVO and other international well-known brands and have won high praise from their customers.

Mei Ta Group aspires to be the world leader in this high-tech and high demanding market and to cope with the expanding turbo market they build a complete 40 Ha big and 60 million euros costing plant in Serbia.

Their innovative design of their turbocharger housings reduces fuel consumption in every vehicle where it is built in. This GREEN result is based on their top technology in casting and the selective materials processed. They are among the very few in the world who are able to provide these high demanding components with enough high resistance to fulfill the growing demand of the ecological minded automotive market.

Following the contemporary trend of demands to reduce emissions with an increase in temperature of exhaust gases, as well as reducing fuel consumption while reducing the weight of the product, MEI TA Group applies the very latest technology to meet customer expectations. By using their top-notch technology which is probably the most evolved in the world, they are able to produce components who resist this harmful high temperature and pressure environment as the exhaust of an engine.

In their search for a Wire cut EDM to increase the capacity and throughput, MEI TA Europe Ltd found Novick Europe and bought two second Generation Novicut 350M-II machines to install in their new Green field plant in Serbia.

Novick Europe was the perfect partner that assisted them with a solution to their particular needs. Two Novick machines have been delivered and installed on time, and commissioning and training went without hitch.

 Our NOVICUT M-II, second Generation Wire cut machines, are of high performance and low cost and leads the industry in Molybdenum wire cutting machines.

Some of the criteria that convinced Mei TA:
• Lowest running costs in the market
• The 2-year Warranty as standard
• High performance and fully reliable
• Service team available through Europe
• Brilliant Surface finish Quality
• Fuzzy logic technology system that increases the productivity with 30%.

Discover yourself why so many companies in automotive, aerospace, electronics, telecommunications and general manufacturing turn to Novick EDM. Contact us for more information about our machining services and to receive a no-obligation project quote today.


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ThyssenKrupp AG is a German multinational conglomerate with focus on industrial engineering and steel production. The company is based in Duisburg and Essen and divided into 670 subsidiaries worldwide. It is one of the world's largest steel producers.