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NOVICK® EDM Machines

20 years of experience in all domains guarantee you to get the best result at the best price for all applications

The industries where NOVICK® technology matters most are those where the competing demands for the highest-quality parts and lowest cost per part are most critical. And while these texts focus on the industries where NOVICK® technology and expertise contribute the most to your success, it is by no means a complete listing. If, after you’ve reviewed the following pages, you have questions regarding other industries and applications; contact your NOVICK® representative to review solutions that match your specific production needs.

NOVICK is the partner of choice to discerning customers across a wide range of industry segments. We enable mold and die production for electronic components, automotive, information and communications technologies, and home appliances. In parts production, we strengthen aerospace and aeronautics, automotive and motorsports, medical technology and watches and jewelry.

Die mold

Greater complexity, faster throughput, lower costs, Novick is raising the competitive bar by lowering the die/mold costs. Having the right machines, with the right technologies specifically suited for complex dies and molds enables you to compete with low-labor-cost countries on the other side of the globe.

For some of the most successful die/mold shops, NOVICK® innovations in EDM machining, technology transfer, applications, software and engineering services are key components to helping them compete and win in the new global market.

With NOVICK®, die/mold shops are able to reduce cycle times and lead-times, lower labor costs through better controlled and unattended machining processes, gain more business by offering rapid prototyping, high-performance milling and no-polish EDM burning, all while reducing total investment and operating costs.

And with NOVICK®’s exclusive Intelligent controls, die/mold shops are able to process long, complex mold programs at extremely fast speeds while achieving levels of accuracy and finish previously unobtainable.


An industry that demands accuracy, repeat-ability and efficiency

By providing cost-effective solutions for the precision manufacturing of flight critical components , NOVICK® is the partner of choice for standard-setting products, uncompromising performance and an unparalleled continuum of Customer Services.

Repeatability, critical, reliable and still at the lowest possible cost per part; that’s why Novick® matters. Few parts matter more than those designed and manufactured for the aerospace industry, which is why so many of the leading companies involved in machining the complex precision parts for aerospace applications rely on NOVICK® machines for these critical components.

In an industry that demands accuracy, repeatability and efficiency, NOVICK® delivers together with the machines, processes and engineering solutions, that enable you to produce accurate parts faster, with less variability and at the lowest possible cost. From large OEMs to tier-one and tier-two suppliers and job shops, NOVICK® EDM machines are dramatically reducing costs by minimizing the investments.

General machining


No matter how big your company is today or plans on becoming tomorrow, the future belongs to those who make what matters. That is why, when your metal cutting or general machining requirements matter the most, NOVICK® has a solution that can help lower your costs and increase your competitive advantage.

Steel, iron, aluminum, exotic alloys, short runs, complex features, or whatever the job, a NOVICK® Ram or wire EDM can deliver faster cut times, reduce non-cut times, improve part accuracies, yield better finishes and deliver superior performance at a much lower cost.


Novick’s machines and strategies have the flexibility, performance and reliability essential to the production of complex Automotive components, including cavities, tools for the production of plastic parts, castings, forgings and stampings.

What matters most to the OEMs and suppliers of automotive, truck/tractor and heavy-equipment customers? Competition!! In a global marketplace where critical tolerances are increasing and costs per part are decreasing, NOVICK® is giving companies like yours a clear competitive edge with our EDM machines to achieve the lowest possible costs, all while providing the agility needed to adapt production to rapid production shifts.

NOVICK® EDM machines deliver where it matters most: part cycle times, together with greater accuracy, stability and repeatability, all of which translates to demonstrably higher quality and significantly higher productivity. It’s the level of consistent quality that NOVICK® systems offer that have made them essential components of manufacturing plants worldwide.

Medical and Dental

Novick’s deep engineering know-how, superior application expertise, keen appreciation for collaboration in pursuit of solutions and precise, productive and highly reliable products make us the preferred partner to leading medtech players.

NOVICK® has the solutions for medical parts that matter most: Precision, complexity, flexibility. When machining for the medical industry, what you make matters on a very personal level. Orthopedic parts, medical devices and special packaging are just a few of an increasingly complex catalog of medical parts that have resulted in remarkable medical breakthroughs while testing the limits of manufacturing complexity and efficiency.

NOVICK® delivers effective medical machining solutions for a wide range of products that continue to grow in complexity, even as they shrink in size. Whether taking on titanium alloys, cobalt chrome, stainless steel or the extreme precision of micromachining, NOVICK® has the machines, the processes and the engineering solutions to manufacture the next breakthrough.


High-volume, low scrap, reliable parts, if it matters to your construction equipment or your customers, it matters to NOVICK®. Large-part and diesel engine manufacturers know what matters today. The pressure to cut costs, improve processes, meet new design requirements, improve quality and reduce emissions, now more than ever, your manufacturing capability drives your ability to compete globally. The keys to propelling growth in this high-volume, large-part production environment are high-performance, accurate and reliable machines.

NOVICK® has been helping manufacturers serving the construction industry cut costs and cycle times with our highly reliable and exceedingly productive machining centers, automation solutions, turnkey engineering and integration services.

NOVICK® has the process know-how and application experience across a wide range of parts and markets to help you stay ahead of the rapid changes in this new business dynamic. Our ability to deploy the specific application engineering resources needed, exactly when and where they’re needed, enables our customers to meet production start dates and exceed production profitability goals.

Electronic components

Novick exceeds expectations for unerring homogeneity, respect for detail, perfect pitching positioning, stable machine geometry and complete accuracy across multiple cavities and at high production rates. Our expertise is your strength.

Information and Commucations Technology

Novick’s EDM solutions ensure intricacy, quality, repeatability, and dimensional stability in high-volume serial production of electronic components.
Our products, application expertise and services position you for success.