Novicut M-T : PCD - PCBN - Toolmaster

First Molydenum Wirecutting machine for PCD - PCBN material


For the first time, Novick is offering a flexible, low-cost solution for the cutting and sharpening of Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) tools. With novick's new PCD - PCBN Package, EDM users will have everything they need to accurately cut complex tools, using  our traditional EDMs and controls that they are already familiar with. Unlike many PCD - PCBN solutions, Novick includes a dedicated PCD - PCBN discharge unit capable of reducing tool chipping by as much as 70% as part of this package. The result is a high-performance, cost-effective solution with an interface already familiar to most users at a fraction of the price from others.. Creating and repairing PCD - PCBN tools has never been easier and more profitable


  • 6 pages of screens, consisted of Manual, Erosion, Edit, Graph, Diagnostic, CAD/CAM offer very friendly man-machine interface

  • Real-timely multi-tasking control software makes it possible to do preparations for next jobs during erosion.

  • The friendly man-machine interface can meet the needs both for beginners and experienced operators.

  • NC programming takes the standard ISO G/M code .

  • Integrated CAD/CAM programming system allows operators to design NC programs automatically by key-in drawings in machine or receiving drawing files in DXF format from serial communication interfaces.

  • With powerful CNC function, edge Find,Center Find, Automatically.

  • With USB interface and LAN communication interface, the machine can exchange datum with programming computers or control center conveniently.

Conversational Programming with CAD/CAM included

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Novicut M - with new designed wire-guides for more precise PCD cutting