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PRE-Cut your milling parts with our cheap Molybdenum wire cutting machines and reduce drastically your 5 axis milling time!

This will boost drastically your profit!

Novicut M - Precut Master

Equiped with a cnc Rotary table and fast changing precision pallet

  • By cheap, precisie and efficient pre-cutting your parts where big volume of chips are taken off, you can save huge time on your expensive 5 axis milling machines!
  • Increase the output drastically by reducing the milling volume per part.
  • Reduce your milling cost per part and your total tool-consumption. 
  • Cut away with VERY low cost your oversizes from your milling parts
  • 3D- formcutting is possible with our B-axis rotary axis in comination with our 5 lineair moving axis.
  • Invest in NEW cost reduction technology to make the differnce for your company
  • Increase your 3D-milling output with 20 to 60% at VERY LOW COST.
  • Fast changing high quality pallet fixtures for stable milling and no time loss.
  • High precision guarantee.
  • High precision pallets with parts can be immediatly installed in your milling machine!

Novicut-M Series : Lowest running costs in the market For 3D cutting

New : 3D PRE-CUTTING for your 5 axis milling machines

With the Novick NOVICUT M-III wire cut series you are able to process all the conductive objects, such as complex shape moulds, cam wheels, ship machinery parts, automobile parts, aircraft parts, gears,high precision plate work and all difficult to process tough objects. You can cut plane, bevel, and the top and bottom different shaped work pieces. Our NOVICUT M Wire cut machine is of high performance and low cost, and leads the industry in Molybdenum wire cutting machines.

  • Lowest running costs in the market                               
  • High performance
  • Taper cutting possible
  • High speed Cutting
  • Max. cutting speed : 300 mm2 / min on Steel 
  • Precison of cut in one single cut +-0.01mm
  • VERY low power consumption compared to a milling machine cutting away the same volume of metal
  • Reciprocating Molydenum wire = reusable wire = very economical
  • High-grade industrial CNC control system, industrial grade LCD display, HF series control software, specially developed non-resistance driving power supply and high sensitive ultra-precision micro discharge power supply.
  • Full-featured, reliable stable performance, simple operation will enable beginners to bring into play 80% of the machine performance within some hours, ensure to achieve cutting effect of low speed wire cutting EDM machine.