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Are you interested in reducing your EDM wire-cutting cost with 70%?


Novicut - M - III generation

Wide Angle Taper cutting with Molybdenum wire :±15°/80mm

Novicut-M Series : Lowest running costs in the market

New WIDE ANGLE design +-15° with high precision

With the Novick NOVICUT M-III wire cut series you are able to process all the conductive objects, such as complex shape moulds, cam wheels, ship machinery parts, automobile parts, aircraft parts, gears,high precision plate work and all difficult to process tough objects. You can cut plane, bevel, and the top and bottom different shaped work pieces. Our NOVICUT M Wire cut machine is of high performance and low cost, and leads the industry in Molybdenum wire cutting machines.

  • Lowest running costs in the market                               
  • High performance
  • Taper cutting possible
  • Max. cutting speed : 300 mm2 / min on Steel 
  • Surface finish : <=0.8 µm Ra (with multi-pass)
  • Reciprocating Molydenum wire = reusable wire
  • High-grade industrial CNC control system, industrial grade LCD display, HF series control software, specially developed non-resistance driving power supply and high sensitive ultra-precision micro discharge power supply.
  • Full-featured, reliable stable performance, simple operation will enable beginners to bring into play 80% of the machine performance within some hours, ensure to achieve cutting effect of low speed wire cutting EDM machine.
  • Fuzzy logic technology system, increases the productivity with 30%.

How precise is our Molybdenum wire cutting machine?

Verify yourself the precision of our molybdenum wire cutting machine

machine Novicut-400M-III - NEW Novicut-600M-III - (Soon available)
Size of worktable mm 590x440 800x580
Travels(X/Y/U/V) mm 400x300x70x70 600x400x70x70
Travels Z mm 300 400
Max.Cutting taper ° ±15°/80mm(with guider) ±15°/80mm(with guider)
Size of work tank(Internal effective size) mm 960x550 1190x650
Max.Cutting thickness mm 300 400
Max.Workpiece weight kg 500 800
Max.Workpiece size mm 960x550x300 1190x650x400
Power supply system      
Strandard configuration   3x380V 50/60Hz 3KVA 3x380V 50/60Hz 3KVA
Generator and machining technology      
Max.Machining current A 15 15
Max.cutting speed mm²/min 300 300
Best roughness μm Ra≤0.8 Ra≤0.8
Size of water tank mm 900x500x570/180L 900x500x570/180L
Size of machine mm 2040X1600X1830 2400x1890x2060
Weight of machine kg 2280 2840

Intelligent improvements and different patents

Ready to conquer the European market

Conversational Programming with CAD/CAM included

Patented Newest EDM Wire-cutting Technologies

Improved precision, speed, reliability and performance!

Keep your eyes on your workpiece with this superb handcontroller with digital display

Digital read out in your hand for all axis

Controller including CAD

Novick CAD software system brings you a user-friendly experience

  • 6 pages of screens, consisted of Manual, Erosion, Edit, Graph, Diagnostic, CAD/CAM offer very friendly man-machine interface

  • Real-timely multi-tasking control software makes it possible to do preparations for next jobs during erosion.

  • The friendly man-machine interface can meet the needs both for beginners and experienced operators.

  • NC programming takes the standard ISO G/M code .

  • Integrated CAD/CAM programming system allows operators to design NC programs automatically by key-in drawings in machine or receiving drawing files in DXF format from serial communication interfaces.

  • With powerful CNC function, edge Find,Center Find, Automatically.

  • With USB interface and LAN communication interface, the machine can exchange datum with programming computers or control center conveniently.

Download here your latest Catalogue of this machine!

Novick Catalogue download

Catalogue Novicut M 

High Speed wire cutting