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Novicut®: Wire cutting electrical discharge machining(WEDM)

High Speed Wire Cutting - HS-WEDM



High speed Wire cutting Machine (HS-WEDM) with a Reciprocating Brass / Molybdenum wire. This wire cut machine (WEDM)is with the lowest running cost in the market and can reach the highest removal rate of more than 320 mm2/min and a best roughness of Ra <= 0,8 The wire is continuously re-usable.


NOVICUT : Wirecutting re-invented

Wire cutting at a 70% lower cost!!

70% cheaper wire cutting!!


Who is not interedsted in this?

Wirecutting reinvented : Molybdenum Technology

Saving 70% on wire cutting cost

More details on Noviform-M-II

Molybden Technology :
Lowest cutting cost in the market

Combined with Zirconium guiding wheels guarantees the fastest precision cutting in the market

Wide angle Cutting with Molybdenium wire

Taper cutting : ±15°/80mm

Zirconium Guiding Wheels

increased stroke on U&V Axis : 70mm


Details Novicut-M-III Wide Angle