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The Constant Pursuit of Quality

Any experienced engineer or buyer is aware of the constraints imposed by the real world on a design. Nevertheless, this is no constraint that can’t be largely erased by quality components and accesoiries. Procuring quality components, however, is not as simple as it may seem. From sourcing to production to shipment, there are many factors that go into the successful delivery of a quality part, many of which may not be obvious. Though an important part of the process, a quality guarantee goes much further than quality assurance itself. The achievement of true quality requires a holistic approach, where all aspects of the business are assumed to contribute to quality, even when this is not obvious.


EDM Drilling Accessories



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There are many different applications that call for EDM Small hole drilling, and one electrode’s weakness in one application may be a strength in another. This and all of the other different variables encountered in EDM—such as workpiece material and machine settings—can make it difficult to choose the right electrode.

The EDM guide plays what is arguably the most important role in the EDM drilling process—holding an electrode in a fixed position as it penetrates a workpiece. Three characteristics fundamental to a guide’s satisfactory performance in this role are tight tolerances, geometry, and toughness.

Tight tolerances in a guide’s dimensions are so important because imperfections in a guide only magnify those of the electrode being guided, and the internal diameter of a guide must exceed the diameter of its corresponding electrode by a precise amount. Too tight of a fit, and insertion will be difficult. Too loose, and imperfections are introduced in the drilled workpiece. We can make guides with clearance to your specification, and make sure that internal diameters of our electrode guides straddle the boundary between too tight and too loose, so that your electrodes never stray from their targets. Yet while precision manufacturing of guides alone can ensure precision drilling of a workpiece perpendicular to an electrode, drilling at odd angles introduces problems.

This is when the characteristic of guide geometry is so important. Even a perfect guide does not guarantee accuracy when an electrode extends far from its guide. This can be a necessity when drilling at an oblique angle, unless one uses a guide with a long, tapered tip. Our EDM guides are customizable, with variable geometries suitable for whatever your application may be.

EDM Die Sinking

Die sinking EDM Accessories

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Soon we bring you more

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EDM Wire Cutting

Wire Cutting EDM accessories


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EDM Filters

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Dielectric Fluid

Use the appropriate fluid - in EDM machines use dielectric fluid. Sounds simple enough, but many shops use a cheap mineral oil in an effort to save money. Fluids not designed for use in an EDM system may be dangerous to the operator, the workplace, and could damage your EDM equipment.

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